Tuesday, July 30, 2013

To float (on the seas of closure)

In these last weeks this crazed-but-keeping-cool man has rediscovered what it truly feels like... to float. And no, I didn't meet someone. :) The new SILT record, Backward Forward, was released digitally on the Super Moon, and it has brought more cozy-comfort than I had ever expected. The words, "like having an albatross flung from the shoulders" have frequently been leaving these clove-flavored lips, yet it is so much more than that. With this release comes a release of many "dark nights of the soul"... channeled, filtered, repackaged, and sent forth aurally into the ether. This album being some of thee most mentally and emotionally arduous material ever experienced and explored makes it all the more alleviating finally being behind me. It can only be hoped that others will resonate, respond, and benefit from these experiments and outlets as much as I have. Something, anything with so much time and energy put into it inherently emits elements and properties to influence and affect the Outer, the Other.

The realization of this album's finality is still coming in waves. Perhaps because with the ending of one thing, another begins, yet even after much deprogramming this mind still seeks bitter-sweet nostalgic patterns of thought from time to time. Just now, making file transfers from current to past projects has sent another wave to the mindshore. And so it is done.

A new chapter now begins, and with departure from this city where I spent so many years now imminent, older ghosts now appear and reveal additional reflection. I welcome them with open arms and puckered lips. With hugs and tongues, I love.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


a year later
travel again
this time to another place
und Ich-Zeit

spirits from the past
one spirit female
catalyst of realization catalyst

of carpe diem

when was the last time?

could it possibly be
six years
almost to the day
visiting the hospital
for frail fangs

another chapter now dawns
awakens from slumber
we never did write the book,
Scars of the Self: An Optimistic Approach to Self-Mutilation

could we start now?
do we have the tools?
the perspective?
the desire?
the will?

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Our time
Frozen in the ice
Frozen in the past
Searching for
Seeking out
A new way
A way to get back
To all that beauty


There is
No way back
If you don’t want a way

So much for
Keeping me warm
This winter

In the past
In the ice

When will we thaw?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thursday, July 21, 2011

(In the) Past cast a stone not yet set
A stone soaked with tears, polished with robes of love
Still, as it is (sits), gains grace-change pushing in
Attention front
Attention inward outward, omniscient
Just one stone, loyal, meets the dawn
Meeting others of its ilk, together diving delving dreams

Thursday, July 7, 2011

H20 @ 7000 FPS? & a poem

This shit is dope.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

A pristine green cut by shard, pane of glass
Thistle digs subcutaneous, missing vein, less red

Been down road before? No roads here, only shores
Storm clouds billow beyond horizon, premature anchor no necessity
If thunder rain quick comes, waves whip to frightening heights
Hellbent hydro-slicing course set, "fearless" carved floorboards on deck
Fearless winds flown true through sails thus far

On shore green cuts vein, blood drips, trickles, mixing red-green
Boat floats intact... and now a shelter... built